Over-development of the male breast (gynecomastia) is a common problem that can cause an individual to feel subconscious in clothing and uneasy about exposing their chest in public.  A male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) is a procedure designed to remove excess fat and gland tissue of the breast.

This results in a flatter and more firm contour to the chest. The procedure often involves a combination of direct surgical excision of breast tissue through a small incision and liposuction.

In some cases, a portion of the procedure may be an insured service by OHIP. Liposuction is not an insured service. 

Scars are designed in a semicircular fashion around part of the areola.

The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia.

Procedure time is approximately 2 hours, with a recovery time of 1 week.

Upper body exercises may resume at 4 weeks.

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