Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Emphasizing natural results with an honest approach and meticulous surgical technique. 

Meet Mary-Helen Mahoney

Dr. Mahoney is a Toronto-based plastic and cosmetic surgeon committed to natural-looking results in cosmetic surgery. As a female plastic surgeon, she offers a unique perspective to her surgical expertise.

She adheres to the principles of honesty in her assessments, meticulous surgical technique, and personal one-on-one care in her dedication to excellence in the complete patient experience.

mary helen mahoney

Our Procedures

Breast Surgery

Dr. Mahoney offers surgical expertise and natural results in her approach to breast surgery. She offers a unique female perspective in her understanding of her patients’ goals. Breast surgical options can range from breast enhancement, to breast reduction or lift, to breast reconstruction.



There are many options available in body contouring surgery. Sometimes patients have lost a significant amount of weight and desire removal of excess skin. Some women have residual changes in the abdominal skin and core muscles following pregnancy. Other patients have specific body areas that are difficult to address with a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Mahoney individualizes procedures for patients to help them look and feel their very best!


Our face is one of the first areas where we start to see the signs of aging. Dr. Mahoney believes that although aging is a natural process, we can improve the undesirable changes in our appearance through minimally invasive techniques. These options allow patients to feel more comfortable in their own skin.


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